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During the last several years, the following sad events have happened in Vietnam:         

1. Lots of Vietnamese women, due to their plight, have had to assume jobs unworthy of their  dignity, and many Vietnamese women and children have been sold to neighboring Cambodia to become prostitutes. The most recent evidence was reported on 1-23-2004 on NBC TV network, under the title “Children Trafficking Vice”,  with images of a 5 year-old girl being forced to serve as a sexual toy in Cambodia. The report was then made available on the World Wide Web,

2. The export of Vietnamese women to be “wives in Taiwan” has actively been in existence in Vietnam for nearly 10 years, especially in recent time:

- According to the Vietnamese “Youth” magazine, official statistics showed that at the end of 2003, more than 65,000 Vietnamese women had been exported to Taiwan to become “brides”, with 63.5% of them “getting married through intermediaries.”


- On the World Wide Web, hundreds of Web pages originated in Taiwan and Vietnam are found advertising their special service of “providing Vietnamese brides for Taiwanese men” accompanied by thousands of pictures of Vietnamese girls updated daily,


- Recently on March 2, 2004, a Taiwan eBay Web site introduced a auction of three Vietnamese girls, who looked young and pretty in their pictures, with the starting price of Taiwan’s 180,500 dollars (equivalent of US $5,400). The auction noted that, “the items were from Vietnam, and will be shipped to Taiwan only."  


These services, though often kept secret or disguised as “marriage introduction”, have actually been part of a large-scale system, protected or shared by the Vietnamese communist authorities, that aims at luring young Vietnamese girls, especially those from poor rural villages, for export to Taiwan to become  “wives”. Many news reports, particularly the one made by the Vietnamese Missionaries in Taiwan, disclosed that a great number of Vietnamese brides in Taiwan were tortured and mistreated like sexual slaves or merely servants; or even worse as exploitation in prostitution.


3. It shows the really tragic plight of the Vietnamese labor today: these poor people are pushed down by the regime to the bottom of poverty and despair, along with the decay of social morality, so tragic that they have to “sell themselves” voluntarily to be slaves, to accept going to hell hoping to maintain their own survival and that of their unfortunate families. For their part, the Vietnamese authorities have so far remained indifferent and irresponsible in regards to these illegal and inhuman activities that have openly lasted almost ten years and caused up to 80,000 victims everywhere in Vietnam.


Because of these facts, the Vietnam Human Rights Network solemnly:


            1. Demands that the Vietnamese communist authorities immediately put an end to the ‘human trafficking” and make their best effort to raise the people’s living standard together with the eradication of corruption and injustice so that the Vietnamese people can avoid being trapped in this unprecedented tragic social condition.

            2. Requests the governments of Cambodia and Taiwan to firmly act to prevent all illegal, inhuman trafficking of Vietnamese women and children and show proper respect for their dignity.

3. Requests international Human Rights organizations and free countries to denounce and pressure the Vietnamese communists into actually and promptly ending the tragedy of trafficking of Vietnamese women and children, and forcing the whole people to live in extreme poverty.

4. Calls on all Vietnamese everywhere to stand up and fight to protect the dignity and human rights of the people who are being in critical danger right in our dear  homeland of Vietnam.


Made in overseas, 3-22-2004

Nguyen Thanh Trang

Chairman, Coordinating Committee