The commission of crimes of the Vietnamese Communists

in Germany - where will it go?

 The causes - the progress – the effects



Nguyen Hue Nhat & Dang Thi Dinh 


Translated by Tuong Han

Edited by Richard Sindt  03DEC03



     Since the fateful date of April 30, 1975, when the North Vietnamese communists took over free South Vietnam by force, millions of Vietnamese from the South tried to escape by boats because they could not endure the terrors and the dictatorship of the regime.  The communist regime in Vietnam was quick to realize that the situation presented them with a golden opportunity to make money, since the more people who escaped, and the more deaths which would occur on the high seas, the more properties would be left behind, to be freely taken by the Vietnamese government without the attached blames, without the undesirable reputation of being the robbers and the killers of the people (a reputation which tainted the Khmer Rouge government in Cambodia described in the story of "The Killing Field").  The Vietnamese communists deserved to be called "teacher" of the Khmer Rouge.  They authorized and organized the orderly escapes by sea for Vietnamese people at prices from US$3,000 - 6,000 per person, not counting the properties which these people left behind, to be divided among the communist government officials. 


     Since the beginning of the 80’s, millions of Vietnamese ex-refugees started sending money and gifts back to their homeland to try to somehow alleviate the economic burden of their loved ones.  Meanwhile, the government implemented the policies of "tightening your belts, minimizing your meals", of forced relocation to the so-called New Economic Zones (a modern form of fatal slavery with no government support), and of the cruel Re-education Program (a Russian "archipelago" model).  All were done with the aim to impoverish the whole nation.  The act of the overseas Vietnamese sending money back to Vietnam gave the government new ideas about how to immorally and materially gain from this money. 


     Starting in 1986, the Vietnamese communists imitated the adopted Russian gladnosk policy from the Soviet Union due to the globally deteriorating effect in the economy of the Communist bloc in general, and because the Vietnamese communists had been suffering under Western economic sanctions, which were applied as a punishment for their invasion of Kampuchea (Cambodia).  Under international pressure, the Vietnamese government had to withdraw hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were stationed in that country.  This huge number of Army personnel would, inevitably, cause a dangerous wave of unemployment, as well as fuel the fascist, militant potential in the society.  To resolve the situation, the Vietnamese communists ordered the soldiers to stay in Kampuchea, and to blend in with the people, on the pretext that they were there to replace the human vacuum created by the killings of Kampucheans, which had been previously committed by the Khmer Rouge regime.  Since then, millions of Vietnamese had mixed with, and in part, assimilated the Khmer race!  Who could put together all the sentimental and material values of the Kampucheans which had been destroyed by the Vietnamese during their ten years of invasion and occupation of that country?  The deaths on both sides had not been accounted for!! 


     The Vietnamese government had to streamline and reduce the number of personnel after 1987 because of the reduction of Russian aid.  This labor excess was then shifted to serve as human labor repayment for the Eastern Europe bloc.  Only the "selected classes" - Party members, cadres, ex-soldiers, and relatives of "recognized national heroes and heroines" - were allowed to go overseas as laborers.  There were about half a million such Vietnamese in the whole Eastern Europe bloc.  Before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, communist East Germany had about 60,000 Vietnamese laborers.  This situation was, officially and unofficially, a significant source of free aid in foreign currency for the Vietnamese Communist Party. 


The overseas Vietnamese laborers had to comply with the branch's or party's discipline the same way they had to comply when they were still in Vietnam.  For instance, a whole company of ex-soldiers, or a production unit in Vietnam which had been dissolved for some reason, could be sent to work in a East Germany factory, where all the organizational structures and activities were closely controlled and monitored by the Party leaders, who posed as group leaders or official translators.  They were, in fact, intelligence officers, police, and secret service personnel.  After 1989, the year the Berlin Wall collapsed, these Communist Party members were ordered to "go underground, but secretly regain control of their cell groups". They then applied for refugee status for political reasons, or tried to get marriage certificates for immigration schemes.  Most of their reasons for applying for political refugee status satisfied the immigration requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany.  With the built-in wicked intelligence as communists, they were able to abuse and to take advantage of the unclear socio-political situation of Germany after the Wall fell, by trafficking in cigarettes, tobacco, and many other goods.  Thousands of Vietnamese had suddenly become “Deutsche Mark millionaires“ overnight.  This scenario induced and attracted the Vietnamese at home so much that they would try their best to go to Germany to reap what they called "rain of gold". 


     There had been many Communist Party members who had remained in Germany to control all aspects of activity of the Vietnamese community in East Germany, and partly in West Germany (where there were political Vietnamese refugees who had filtered in via Eastern Europe routes). Most of these cadres had obtained German citizenship. But they had been the key persons who performed the "services" necessary for the implementation of the Vietnamese government's policies of frauds, of stealing and cheating, of trafficking in drugs and cigarettes, of falsifying marriage certificates and passports, of adopting of "real" or "false" children, of human trafficking, and of abusing the German social-assistance benefit programs, of defrauding German medical-subsidy programs, property insurance policies, and unemployment-benefit programs. All the proceeds from these crimes had been secretly and methodically transferred from Germany to Vietnam through legitimate, official means of monetary transfers. (We have sufficient, concrete evidence and data for more thorough investigations). The more they did these things, the more they became experienced in the art of crime commission to such a degree that German law enforcement officers and personnel had not been able to either prevent or stop it. Each woman who "got pregnant" with a German, enabling her to stay in Germany, meant that she would have a home to live in, along with all the normal living conditions and benefits which a "regular" German citizen would be entitled to.


     One "legal" resident would be able to bring in five more "not-so-legal" people;  and this legal person would be the "base" in sheltering the other five while they were waiting for the legalization of their status, which would allow them to reside in the refugee camps or to run some types of business, which usually evaded taxes. There have been hundreds of provable cases that we had been aware of;  and with more thorough investigations, many more cases, including falsification of marriage certificates and fraudulent adoptions involving false or real participants, could be detected and confirmed for legal proceedings.  A mother who had become pregnant, which would facilitate her staying in Germany would have free housing and monthly social-assistance benefits of EU300 for social assistance, 350 for herself, 150 for each child, and she could collect a further EU500 for boarding fees for three to five "illegal boarders" living in her house, as well as allowances for clothes and shoes.


     All the Eastern Europe Vietnamese, by words of mouth, had been informing each other and had believed that the United Nations had agreed to subsidize Germany through the Allocation and Resettlement Program for the illegal aliens and refugees in Germany. By doing that, Germany made significant progress in the improvement of employment, and had received free additional foreign funds!


     In reality, the Eastern Europe Vietnamese community in Germany was one among many essential sources of free foreign funds that had been much needed by the leadership in communist Vietnam in order to maintain their grip on the country. That was why many Vietnamese women had hurriedly "shared the bed" with anybody en route to Germany in the hope that they would become pregnant so that, when they arrived at Germany, they would be ready for the setting of false adoptions that the communist services had been waiting for. The longer the reigning communist government existed, and the longer the Federal Republic of Germany kept quiet, the more that Vietnamese would try to sneak into Germany. This epidemic had inevitably shown no sign of stopping in its ever-increasing march.


     The Vietnamese communists had meticulously established an organized, sophisticated system of linking Vietnam to Eastern European countries by air, by sea, and by land.  That system included many information and supply stations similar to those on the famous Ho Chi Minh trails in Vietnam, which the communists used in to penetrate South Vietnam during the wartime period of 1964-1975. That was a huge web, a sophisticated network created from the experience the Communist had learned in the art of war.  Even the Laotians and the Chinese relied on, and made good use of this network.


     Nowadays, when the Vietnamese Communist wanted to bring in a professional assassin "to score some hits", i.e. to commit some quick killings, it would be easily arranged that the killer could sit and enjoy his drinks in a pub in Poland or Czechoslovakia within 2-3 hours after his assignments in Berlin; and 2-3 days later, one would find him dancing in a five-star hotel in Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam.  It was just as easy to arrange for kidnapping a person and smuggling him back to Vietnam. Almost all the criminal cases committed by the Vietnamese in Germany could not be prosecuted for lack of eyewitnesses, because these witnesses were worried about their relatives' safety in Vietnam, who might suffer as victims of the revenge.


     The communist system devised to control the people had been thorough and meticulous.  They could, technically, eliminate anybody in Germany who dared to oppose them, for example by kidnapping and beheading them in secret, or by burying them alive in the deep forests.  After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, ninety-nine percent of the Vietnamese who overwhelmed Germany with their applications for refugee status were actually participants of a wave of "business opportunists" previously organized by the Vietnamese communists right after 1975.  The Vietnamese communist media had brainwashed the people with propaganda depicting the West as a paradise for making money.  For example, the Tien Phong (the Pioneers) Magazine, the official media of the Central Office of the Communist Youth League of Ho Chi Minh City, in volume 9/2001, page 32, ran a big headline: "Shortage of Labor in the West: A Golden Opportunity for Vietnam" (see attached article).


     Accordingly, all the documentation procedures for Vietnamese going overseas had been under total control of the Vietnamese Communist Party. They collected application fees from these people (averaging US$6,000 to 9,000 per person), accumulated the proceeds from illegal activities of overseas Vietnamese, and received subsidizing funds and aid from Germany designed for the resettlement of people who were participants in the Voluntary Returning to Vietnam Program, on the pretext that the Vietnamese fulfilled their parts in the Agreement which they signed with Germany in 1995.  The same people, just deported from Germany, would naturally re-appear in Germany only a few weeks later!!  The number of Vietnamese entering into Germany was higher than the number going back to Vietnam.


     The longer the Vietnamese communists were in power, the longer the Vietnamese society would still be in an insecure and chaotic state, because the people had to somehow leave the country, and they ended up living an illegal lifestyle, and Germany had to continue to endure and suffer the consequences.


     Almost all the Vietnamese in Germany had become blindly attached to money-earning and fun-devouring fevers.  Their lives were ones of those who had been hungry for so long and now finally had a chance to satisfy that hunger with good foods; lives of addicted souls who gathered their strength to inhale the last smoke so that it could empower them to earn a better life.  They did all this without regard to marital upbringings and responsibilities, without regard to the notions of true homes and families. They were more than willing to cheaply sell their honors and their humanistic values - all for the sake of being allowed to stay in Germany.  Money means power; it also means that they would have more means to bring their relatives over to Germany, enabling them to become more powerful and more tenacious.  There is an appropriate Vietnamese saying (which rhymes):  Money is an angel, is a Buddha, is vigor, and is the fulfillment of sexual desires (tien la tien, la phat, la suc bat, la am cat).


     The money which these people had sent home helped to support the Communist Party, spoiled their relatives at home, and condoned the dream of  "catching the rain of gold".  Many villages and communes in Central Vietnam had transported hundreds of residents to Germany.  Some families had migrated almost entirely.  When they arrived at Germany, they used their falsified names and thus terminated their legal parent-children or husband-wife relationships and bindings.  All this was done for the sake of being permitted to stay in Germany.  A girl could try to "get pregnant" by all means so that she could stay legally.  We have known about cases where a number of men in Germany (who had been applying for refugee status) who sought out and mingled with the Vietnamese women to facilitate their "getting pregnant", and to introduce the "adoption services" to them.  I know of one woman who, having been allowed to stay, married her own father so he could extend his residence in Germany.  (This is a true story.) There was also another case where a man married his older sister for the same cause.  All this was possible because the Vietnamese communist government had been willing to issue any kind of marriage certificate, as long as "the price is right".  The ways included women getting pregnant, men getting marriage certificates, and both getting political-dissident status.  Remaining in Germany was the name of the game.


     For each Vietnamese who could stay in Germany, many more relatives would come over from Vietnam, strengthening business connections and enlarging gangs of cronies.  If these illegal human waves are not prevented or stopped, then millions of Vietnamese families would be tragically broken, because social and individual morality did not mean much in the communist society; it just served as words of niceties on the tips of tongues.  The best weapon for the criminals was the money, which they gained from the proceeds of crimes.  In Vietnam, illegal dealings were no longer restricted to individuals, but rather expanded to corporate and governmental levels.  Anybody with a clear religious conscience devoted to social morality would feel alone, lonely, and lost in such a society.


     Almost all of the "victims" of the communist regime had not realized that they had unintentionally become its victims.  Because they had been born from the lines of criminals, and with whatever knowledge they possessed, they acted out of their inheritance; and this would ultimately would have a perpetual effect on the generations to come.  It was a "vicious circle". These children - the ones born to and grown from this group - might have had full German citizenships, but the chances were very slim for them to grow to maturity in an environment of true love, and with morality.  Even when they had grown up and had faced many difficulties in life, they still had not realized that they had been willing victims of a long process which had been carefully and deliberately planned to promote materialism, and ultimately, to support the by-products of communism.


     Under the rule of the communist government, the Vietnamese had been, sad to say, normally committing criminal activities without a slightest feeling of shame, because even their so-called "conscience" had grown out of the principles of hatred and out of violent struggles "for the sake of the Proletariats, whose primary duty was to fight and destroy the hated, wicked ruling class, the 'bourgeoisies'"!  Only when they were at a dead end street, or incarcerated, might the time might be right for their reception of the saving Good News.  In fact, God has saved and changed many Vietnamese lives, had brought them from the dark to the light exactly as the Bible says in Romans 5: 20-21:  "Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: That as sin had reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord." 


     Therefore, when difficulties, dangers, and incarcerations came to them, these were actually good opportunities for sinners to receive God's immense love so that they could find true faith in Him.  When the Holy Spirit touched their hearts, they would feel the urge for repentance, and thus start the sanctification process. If they did not allow God to change them, then years of incarceration would do nothing but harden their already hardened hearts, and furthermore would "refine" their cunning and ruthlessness in lawlessness and criminality until the day they died in their pity darkness. We have witnessed so many such sad situations for a long time, both in Vietnam and especially in this rich, modern, civilized Germany.


The Vietnamese people, who are born and are grown up in the poor-inhuman regime of communism come to Germany to realize their “professional criminalities”, now they are given so good material conditions in prison houses. They consider German prison houses as their good life conditions to enjoy or to rest instead of being punished. They really need some help to awake their conscience in the depth of their human honesty. God always give men the opportunities to convict their own sins; then they can repent to receive the forgiveness of God to be born again in God ’s spiritual power.


I believe that God will bless Germany more when German prison houses give to these Vietnamese criminal makers the opportunities to know the love of God in order to help them to receive His forgiveness and His Salvation.


When a prisoner repents of his sins to receive the forgiveness from God, his life is changed miraculously by God ‘ s power. He will be thankful towards Germany. Then he will return to Vietnam as the new Christians. The Vietnamese communists who persecute Christians in Vietnam will also see the miraculous power of God on these former criminality makers, so they can change their communist mentality to be thankful towards Germany, too. This may sound strange and difficult to man, but it is not strange, neither difficult to God ‘s mighty power.  Jesus Christ said “what is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27).         




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